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این برنامه احتیاج به معرفی ندارد اکثر شما تا بحال از این برنامه استفاده کرده اید، توسط این برنامه میتوانید از هر نوع سی دی سالم، خش دار و مخصوصاً سی دی های قفل دار کپی بگیرید، این برنامه با استفاده از روش خاص خود در خواندن سکتور به سکتور سی دی ها و نادیده گرفتن خطاها یکی از بی نظیر ترین برنامه ها در نوع خود میباشد.


CloneCD is the ideal tool to make backup copies of your music- or data CDs, regardless if they are copy protected or not! CloneCD's award-winning user interface copies almost any CD in just a few mouse clicks!

Since release 5.0 CloneCD is able to copy not only CDs but as well all formats of DVD like DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD+R Dual Layer und DVD-RAM. Copy protected movie DVDs can only be copied with AnyDVD. The movies will not be modified (compressed), but one-to-one copied. CloneCD works as well with other formats like .iso and .udf and copies CDs/DVDs with the new SafeDisc 3 Copy Protection System. CloneCD allows you to reate excellent 1:1 copies of your valuable original discs. E.g., should your copy protected music cd not play in your car audio, the backup created with CloneCD will! Combine experience and innovation: choose the classic of the CD copying applications. Many years of experience, direct communication with customers and constant optimisation of the Copy-Kernel makes CloneCD the highest quality copying application around.

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